Young Thug Will Make You Want to Buy a Tracksuit Right Now

CelebrityYoung Thug Will Make You Want to Buy a Tracksuit Right Now


Check out the Atlanta rapper in head-to-toe Puma tracksuits in the brand's new campaign.

The tracksuit has long been a staple of hip-hop style. We all remember Run-D.M.C.'s, but these days there's more options than ever. The high-fashion scene is making track suits for the rich, but even on the lower end, our more casual world means there's a stylish tracksuit at every pricepoint. Don't think you can pull one off? Well, look no further than Young Thug a.k.a. No My Name Is Jeffery (seriously, he changed his name yesterday to that), who while being hip-hop's most adventurous fashion star makes a full tracksuit look incredibly wearable in the sportswear giant's new campaign.



Though sweats and a matching jacket were once relegated to dark times in our lives or the casual organized crime lifestyle, they're now ready for joyous public daytime activities thanks to slimmer fits and less schlubby fabrics. Make no mistake—these ain't no Costco brand fleece. Instead, more technical fabrics and special details like contrast side stripes on the trousers mean these tracksuits are made for stunting. In other words, as with all of Young Thug's style moves, wearing one of Puma's new tracksuits is all about confidence.


Of course at the end of the day, there's no law requiring you to wear these pieces together. A track jacket is our favorite layering piece of Fall-Winter 2016, and track pants are once again a wise option one days when you want comfiness to be king. In the words of Young Thug…actually, come to think of it, we're still not entirely sure what he's saying when he raps. But the man makes damn good music, and he sure looks good in a tracksuit.

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