Yambawo Yaro, Amalgamates Nigeria and Spain Through Design

Female Law Practitioner, Yambawo Yaro, Amalgamates Nigeria and Spain Through Design

Female law practitioner, Yambawo Yaro a resident of Abuja wins the 2018 Fashion Illustration Competition, event which was organized by the Embassy of Spain that’s situated  in Abuja,

Yaro wins the phenomenon for being able to crop together the elements of a Western European country and West African Country, Nigeria, through fashion, as her entry meets the target that were expected of the designers concerning the competition which includes aesthetic and technical standards, revealing the Spanish and Nigerian entity 


through a piece of cloth, The exhibition on it own diggs deep and cherishes the utilization of abundant colors, as well as coherence of the recipes and materials used for the designs that interprets the designer’s ideas 

According to the speeches rendered by the Spanish Ambassador,  H.E. Marcelino Cabanas Ansorena, states that the competition’s objective and aim is to promote fashion and textile industries and simultaneously to extol both Nigeria and Spanish culture. . “Indeed, Ms. Yambawo’s design, winner of the competition, depicts part of our culture from a Nigerian perspective and we have the opportunity tonight to see it printed on textile by the Abuja Textile Manufacturers in Kano,”

He added that, “booming within the creative industries market in Nigeria and I am sure that with the talented designers the country has, it will soon raise up to a level that will be able to impact on the overall Nigerian economy.”

Yaro herself  added that, the idea of her output is totally a painted picture of what Spanish is famously recognized for in diaspora, such as bullfighting and so on, also adding that despite the criticisms and speculations about human and animal in order to be relevant  concerning modernization, the bull represents the strength and power of Spain. “Behind the bull is an outline of the Spanish fan mostly used by women to keep cool in the heat, which also serves as a form of communication.”  Inspired by the beauty of Spain, the stripes and circles and colours interprets Spanish diversity for their way of dancing which is called flamenco dance, to the edibles and countable festivals celebrated annually which people takes part in, All these are   done throughout by Spanish  people to bring about what a Spanish truly is.

Yaro’s illustration through the her design symbolizes the Spain entity from the red carnations that grows after summer days, the flower which beautifies the flamenco dancers hair, Spanish homes and sorts, as well as illustrating the desires of Spanish people, which is somehow also applied to Nigerians also, in atomically putting together and sighting the similarities between both culture, they share things that looks alike about way of life.

Yaro is a fashion lover who spends her moments drawing designs most times, aside her being a law practitioner