Would you ever think it worths $2,500 dollars to raise a Horse?

Would you have ever think rearing or raising a horse could worth up to $2,500 dollars. One thing that really can throw your budget is unexpected veterinarian bills. The cost for off-hour calls can be very expensive and something like colic surgery can cost thousands or tens of thousands, depending on what procedures you choose to do. It’s wise to think ahead and plan how you might cope with a large vet bill.

Although Horses are used for sport games,  riding, as transport, racing, and just plain riding. Its always a shock on almost everyone or anybody whenever informations hits them about how expensive it is to own or raise a horse, and next thing that comes to their mind  is ” Isn’t horse an animal too? ”
But horses unlike any other animal  are either for sport or just for mere rearing, no one wants to own a female animal and not wanting to reason about the reproductive aspect of them, where you have to pay “Stud Fee” also know as the money you give to another person who owns a male Horse called stallion or Foal in order to get your own female horse pregnant.
It’s also something big to raise even a male horse, as health check up is regularly needed every two months said by horse specialists, and also the horses hairs need proper care every two weeks and its also done by specialists in which there are special made cuticles for horses hair well beings which are also costly and if your horse lacks all these caring activities its possible for it to loose its life or not been able to perform as a male horse.
Another factor that mostly triggers horse expensiveness is mainly based on the female horses check up, female horse are also called “mare” .
The pregnant processes and check up of a female horse is huge and costly and its mostly done by horse specialized veterinarian after the payment of stud fee of the foal that will get the mare pregnant, the veterinarian has to constantly be around the mare to confirm if shes successfully pregnant or not and that has to be a specially paid  services to the veterinarian which its highly paid for.
And even after the mare has gotten pregnant successfully another constant services of the horse veterinary will be needed again cause various ultrasound needs to be done and this session is very expensive as ultrasound equipments are used reportedly,  after confirmations that she’s pregnant another process needs to be done to know if the mare has conceived a twin or not.
Curiosity to know if a female horse has conceived a twin or not is because a female horse giving birth to twins could result to the death of both the mother and the child, if the horse has conceived a twin the Vets will be called to abort one of the fetuses, otherwise both the child and the mother likely may have died before birth or be impaired for life if they survive.
Horse rearer who wants to take care of all these must probably be a millionaire if you think about it.
Raising a horse is highly expensive as there are lots of factors to be considered which includes housing, food, healthcare, transportation, among others. By 2015 The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) estimated that the minimum annual cost of owing a healthy horse is $2500, But that was three years ago the range of buying a horse and taking care of it can range from hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the breed and age of all the horse.