What You Can Learn From Future’s Fire Red MTV VMAs Outfit

CelebrityWhat You Can Learn From Future's Fire Red MTV VMAs Outfit


One-color dressing done damn well.

What a performer wears on-stage has to be bold enough for the folks in the nosebleed seats to know who the man with the mic is (and not confuse him for a backup dancer). And never is that consideration more important than at the MTV Video Music Awards. The annual show is practically as known for offering up sartorial surprises (lest we not forget Robin Thicke's Beatlejuice suit), as it is for hosting must-watch live performances. One efficient, very GQ-approved way of pulling off this feat of getting noticed for all the right reasons is by making use of monochrome colors, which is exactly what Future did on stage last night.

Any color can be made into a head-to-toe monochrome combo, be it army green or white or, like Future, fire-y red (which also happens to be the color women find sexiest). In each case the combined tones of a single color create a striking silhouette from afar, but up close they'll show a much more subtle situation. And Future mastered just that last night. His head-to-toe reds alternated from burgundy to fire engine to neon pink, each one with a distinct style and texture. His maroon pants with their vertical ribbing provide a nice backdrop for the more saturated colors in his shirts and bomber jacket. Hell, even his sunglasses had a metallic red hue. It all kept him looking like one of the world's most famous—and stylish—rappers rather than a guy in a tomato costume.

But there's one thing that we're not suggesting you follow Future's lead on: having a support squad dressed in the same color as you. On stage is one thing, but off, twinning just f**cks up some outfits.

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