What every woman should have in her handbag

Today,i’ll be sharing with you basic things a woman should carry along with her in her handbag before going out.
1.Hand sanitizer :It is very effective at killing micro organisms than soap and water. As ladies, it is ideal we take hand sanitizers along with us because it is very hygienic.
2.Deodorant:As a woman, going about your daily duties and feeling all fresh and clean should be your priority. Deodorants are used to prevent body odour caused by bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits, feets and other areas of the body.
3.Sanitary Pads:Yes! This should not be left out. It’s a very essential item that must be in your bag at all times. Though most ladies are experts when it comes to knowing their monthly cycle, there are times they’re caught unawares and the result can be so embarrassing. Please,save yourself the embarrassment by doing the right thing, that is, taking your sanitary pads along with you at all times .
4.Roll-on perfumes :Roll on perfumes are perfect for women. It keeps you fresh and clean all day. On the other hand, they are moisturizing and suitable for any skin type. Most roll on perfume scents are similar to regular perfumes in that they’re available in several common feminine fragrances.
5.Face wipes:Leaving sweat soaking into your skin can lead to clogged pores and awful body acne. When you feel sweaty and greasy, swipe a cleansing wipe over your face and trust me, you’ll feel brand new.
6.Lipstick or lip gloss:You need to look gorgeous at all times not minding the environment you are. Applying a little lipstick or lip gloss to that pretty face gives you that charming look and speaks volumes to your admirers. When you’re all stressed and worn out and you need a spark on that face, your lipstick or lip gloss will do the trick.
7.Breath mints or mints gum:Nothing can be so annoying as having to inhale bad breaths gushing out from someone’s mouth. Please and please, after having that fish and chips for breakfast or lunch as the case may be, don’t forget to use breath mints or mints gum .
8.Money:This cannot be overemphasized because it is very important. You’ll, have to get stuffs on the way,pay for something you never bargained for and also transport fare. You need to take along with you extra cash in case of an emergency.