Were female fashion models purposely made to look Skinny / Thin?

Why are female fashion models so thin? I have heard that these models are deliberately made to look anorexic, is it true?

Female fashion models are so thin for a few reasons:

1. Because they would NOT get hired by any reputable design house if they were above a size 2 but ideally a size 0 (zero). This equals a 33-22-34 bust-waist-hip measurement on an average 5’10” girl.

2. Because clothes look better on tall, thin gals (I can’t really use the word “women” comfortably).

3. Because the clothing industry mimics each other, and no one dares to step out of the “norm” of hiring a “regular” looking, still-thin size 2 model or above.

These models aren’t deliberately made to look anorexic; some of them are anorexic. Some of them have the fortunate blessing of having genes where thinness runs in their families. Others, still, are hired at such a young age and have not yet fully developed (as in, they are 14 years old, etc.) that they manage to stay slim organically.

But the fact remains that a ready-to-wear piece of clothing that averages $1500 or a haute couture dress that runs between $40,000-$100,000 looks better on a woman pared thin to the bone than on a curvy woman who may “ruin” the lines of the dress.

The point is to showcase the clothing