Vlada Dzyuba – Russian Model (14) died during fashion show

Vlada Dzyuba is a 14 year old Russian model who died from exhaustion during a 12 hour fashion show. She died after slipping into a coma after working during a 13 hour fashion show in Shanghai, China. Her daily pay as a model was just £6.30.

Vlada Dzyuba got a “three month contract” as a model, and in order to fulfil her dream as a supermodel she missed school to work on catwalks. She was expected to work only 3 hours a week but the contract kept her working much longer.

“No-one expected it to lead to such consequences,” Elvira Zaitseva, head of Vlada’s modeling agency Perm, told The Daily Mail. “We are now reaping what we have sown.”Vlada DzyubaThere is an ongoing investigation over Vlada’s working conditions.But her case raises acute fears over the exploitation of children by the glamour industry.

Vlada was reported to have died from “utter exhaustion” and meningitis as she waited for her latest assignment thousands of miles from home in China.

A new Beijing account of her death says she died from “septicopyemia” — blood poisoning with “multiple visceral organs damaged, liver dysfunction and renal insufficiency”.

Official newspaper The Global Times reported she died of “multiple organ dysfunction syndrome”, citing medical records, but it is understood tests are still being conducted.

Prior to her walking on the runway, she had a high temperature. She was scared to go to the hospital and didn’t have medical insurance, according to The Daily Mail.

“She was calling me, saying ‘Mama, I am so tired. I so much want to sleep.’ It must have been the very beginning of the illness,” her mother Oksana told NTV, according to the International Business Times. “And then her temperature shot up. I didn’t sleep myself and was calling her constantly, begging her to go to the hospital.”

Vlada Dzyuba

Vlada is reported to have attended a 13-hour jewellery modelling shoot before collapsing after becoming the latest Russian teenage model to travel to China. However, her parents “cannot afford” to fly her body home and she is expected to be cremated with her ashes returned to her homeland after a month. But Russian diplomats have asked that a cremation is delayed until her mother – Oksana – arrives in China.

In Russia she would be permitted to work three hours a week, it has been reported.

Zheng Yi, chief executive of ESEE Model Management, told The Global Times on Sunday: “Dzyuba had received 16 different jobs during her two months’ stay in China. She had regular breaks while working.

“Most of her work was completed within eight hours. Her workload was moderate compared with other models.”

Zheng insisted her contract was “legal” even though it did not specify the number of working hours.

ESEE Model Management had signed a three-month contract with Dzyuba’s home company, Smirnoff Models based in St. Petersburg, Russia, said the agency boss.

Vlada Dzyuba

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