Video: Wedding entourage takes a plunge

A pair of newlyweds quite literally took the plunge on their wedding day – falling into a lake at their reception.

The incident, caught on film, shows an entire wedding party line up for photos on a nearby dock, only to plunge straight through the platform. Newlyweds Eric and Maegan Walber were among the 12-strong group on the platform waiting for the pictures to be taken, but just moments after they were swimming back to shore at the Bay Pointe Inn, Shelbyville, Michigan.

Fortunately no-one was hurt in the incident.

“We were out there for probably 30 seconds, standing on the dock, and it started to lean and tilt,” said groom Eric Walber. “We went right under. Everyone was laughing, it was one of those things that it just happens and you roll with it.”

His bride Maegan added: “I came up laughing. It makes for a good story, we’ll be telling our grandkids.”

Waterway to make a splash as newlyweds!

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