Victoria’s Secret Casting Video – Backstage

Victoria Secret Shows is commonly known as the hottest fashion show on planet earth. And a few days ago, the casting was done for new models recruit, of course, the Victoria Secret Angels weren’t there as they don’t need to cast. There was so much excitement in the air as models flaunt all they’ve got for a chance to be picked. The reactions of selected models are priceless as they leaped, danced, laughed, cried and did every available action to display their excitement at the start of this new journey as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show magic kicks off with castings. Go behind the scenes as this year’s models make their way to wearing those career-making Angel wings.

Every year the televised event attracts huge international audiences, a plethora of sponsors and plenty of people with clout to turn a young model’s new career into the real deal. As expected, Victoria’s Secret has landed the first in its Road to the Runway video series, which details the making of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — from day one to show day.

As seen in the video, stunning young women strut their stuff down a short catwalk in black panties and a bra, and super high heels, speaking with Victoria’s Secret senior creative Ed Razek, executive producer Monica Mitro, creative director Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, and casting director John Pfeiffer.

It’s clear that the girls come from all different walks of life but their goal is the same: to impress these execs and to secure a spot in the show. Sadly, that’s not the case for all of the girls, but for those who do make the cut, watching their tears in the final moment of the video makes the entire thing worth the watch.

First on the list is the casting which was released a few days ago on Youtube. The first video goes inside the casting process in New York, following model hopefuls auditioning to be in the show.

Australia’s own Victoria Lee, plus the likes of Dilone and Roosmarijn de Kok, are spotted as the castings include new and returning models — but notably absent are any Angels, who don’t have to audition for the show.

Casting director Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou calls the selection process “rigorous” and it is clearly just as nerve-wracking for Victoria’s Secret as it is for the models. Everything including walk, portfolio and attitude is taken into account.

Calling it the “best line-up ever”, Neophitou-Apostolou definitely has us excited for Shanghai come November.

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