Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Brand Now Confirmed Worth Of $130mn



Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Brand Now Confirmed Worth Of $130 mn, from an amateur ground to a concrete level, there goes Victoria Beckham’s international fashion line, what a long way gone, to now have worth $130 mn.

The behemoth fashion industry have  uprooted up to a thousand fashion designers who are outstanding and out of the box  which Victoria Beckham, a before known as musician who turned-fashion designer has been acknowledged.


Victoria Becham attained her fame through the musical  girl-band she was part of back in the 90s, the same musical band that sold 85millions records as at then, the band happened to be one amongst the highest selling pop groups of all moments back in the 1990s. Which her Nickname then was Posh Spice, till she got married to a famous and undisreputable footballer, David Beckham in 1999 as they topped Britain’s most high-profile celebrity couple.

The mother-of-four, who was born in Harlow from the initial ground tried tirelessly to be well recognized and to be not handled with a less intensive fist in the fashion industry, Beckham’s collections has now been examined in the New York to have earned huge sum of money, plus some of her contents even rising up to the cost of 2000 pounds.

Victoria gratified one of the basic truth sayings she realized that’s says ” don’t focus on what you don’t know”

In New York at a women’s summit Victorian Beckham said the truth about how inexperienced she was about fashion although the passion she have for it was theonly big thing when she started,

“I quite innocent and naïve. There was a lot that I didn’t know. (But) I liked the fact because I probably would have been terrified,” she says, giving the memory of her first exhibition at New York

Victoria staying honest to herself seems to give her fashion brand a pretty interesting pay offs, Beckham international fashion brand has recently been valued at $130 million, Sighting back to the longtime coming movement, Beckham said, “Knowing what I know now, would I have had the guts to do what I did then? Probably not.