US President And His Daughter Ivanka Trump Meets With Two Amongst The Absconded Chibok Girls

Donald Trump the President of The United States of America and his Daughter  had moments with the two chibok girls, Joy Bishara and Lydia Pogu  on 27th of June 2017, The meeting was not publicized in advance. NPR’s White House correspondent Tamara Keith says the administration didn’t notify the press corps about it, it didn’t appear on the White House daily schedule and it was not discussed in any of that day’s briefings.

Pogu and Bishara were two of 276 schoolgirls in the town of Chibok captured by the extremists. They escaped by jumping off a moving truck that the extremists were using to transport them, the girls told People in an interview.     Bishara, aged 20 and Pogu age 19 were among the 57 girls who escaped from the Boko Haram Insurgents by jumping off the back of the truck they were packed inside in 2014. The 57 girls were among the equivalent of 276 kidnapped from their secondary school in Chibok Borno State Nigeria on April 14, 2014.

The incident bursted out into global atrocity, violence attack which induce a  huge and long time campaign  which was hashtagged “#bringbackourgirls” and also with the help of the popularization through the formal US “First lady Michelle Obama”  in order to call for the rescue of the girls who were successfully kidnapped.

Boko Haram released 82 of the Chibok girls in May after more than three years of captivity. The group also released 21 of the abducted schoolgirls in October 2016. One student escaped with her baby in May 2016.

Most of the girls who  have been freed by the Insurgent groups in exchange to release the insurgents members who were also caught and prisoned as a result of the negotiation between Nigeria Government and the insurgent group have been greatfull for their life, though twelve girls still remains with the Book Haram group.

With Assistant Of Global Campaign, a human right group in Virginia, and the help of a nonprofit Christian organization,  the escaped duo was helped to relocate to the United States in August 2014, where they began attending Mountain Mission School in Grundy, Va., in 2014. They had been connected to the Virginia school through the Jubilee Campaign, an organization based in Fairfax, Va., that promotes human rights and religious liberty for ethnic minorities in countries that include Nigeria. They then got transferred to Canyonville Christian Academy in the state of Oregon, where they graduated.

The two girls hope to spend most of the summer in Nigeria with their families. To raise money for summer living expenses and plane tickets to travel home, Bishara and Pogu started a GoFundMe account on June 8. So far they’ve raised more than $5,800. The girls aren’t sure how much money they’ll need in total, but the goal is set to $35,000, covering tickets that they say will cost about $3,000 and travel expenses within the country to reach their families. Canyonville Christian Academy currently manages the girls’ fundraising account and states that all donations “in their entirety” will go to the girls.

In an image released on the White House Facebook Page as the “picture of the day” on June 28, Trump and his daughter Ivanka posed with the young women in the Oval Office. And Ivanka Trump rendered statements about the girls that she looks forward to see them flourish