This ‘Walking Dead’ Season 7 Trailer Invites You to Relive the Year’s Meanest Cliffhanger

EntertainmentThis Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer Invites You to Relive the Year's Meanest Cliffhanger


Is it possible to be bullied by a television show?

The Walking Dead is not a show where good things happen to people. It is a show where the worst things happen to people, a six-years-and-counting treatise whose thesis is essentially, Hey, you think zombies would be bad? Zombies aren't nearly as bad as people, man. It is very good at doing this in increasingly infuriating ways, cooking up cliffhangers so mean they're almost downright disrespectful—like in the season 6 finale, which saw Rick and his merry band of survivors captured by the Saviors, whose leader Negan chose one of them at random to beat to death in front of everyone. Fun, right?

The forthcoming Season Six, like previous seasons, is going to introduce even more characters and locales from the comics the show is based on, but no one really cares about that at the moment because they want to know who Negan killed. Of course, said comics offer an answer—Glenn—but the show has deviated from its source material before, and Season Six's first mean cliffhanger was Glenn's fakeout-death. So killing him again, for real this time, would probably be kind of bullshit.

Anyway, AMC dropped a Season Seven teaser trailer over the holiday weekend, and like a lot of teaser trailers, it doesn't give any answers, instead choosing to rub the Season Six cliffhanger in your face all over again.

At this point, The Walking Dead is just being a big old bully, standing at the top of the jungle gym and shouting I know something you don't while we pretend not to care, hoping our favorite character isn't the one that goes on to join the herd of Walkers in the sky. Unless of course it's Rick. Rick is the worst, and the show would probably be better if he died. Everybody knows Daryl is the real reason anyone watches, anyway.

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