The Vacation Shirt Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere

Weekend ShoppingThe Vacation Shirt Trend Isn't Going Anywhere

The vacation-shirt trend came in hot this summer. One day, it was a glimmer in's eye, the next day, every guy in America was wearing the staple to summer BBQs, weddings, outdoor concerts, and beyond. Which is great. It's been a long time since breezy, short-sleeve shirts were cut and printed with this much class. Luckily, the trend shows no signs of slowing down for fall. Brands from Lanvin down to H&M are making versions of the staple in brooding, cold-weather appropriate colors and patterns (think: less palm trees, more polka dots). Wear one with a pair of nice trousers and hard-bottom shoes and you'll forget that the shirt was ever associated with sunburns and Mai Tais.

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