The U.S. Open Is Wimbledon’s Worst-Dressed Cousin

CelebrityThe U.S. Open Is Wimbledon's Worst-Dressed Cousin


And this tank top is proof.

Peter Sarsgaard wore a tank top to the U.S. Open yesterday and we are crestfallen. The *The Magnificent Seven actor paired said sleeveless top with shorts and a pair of lug sole Blundstone boots. Grooming effort was minimal to zero effs given.

We said it last week, but the U.S. Open is no Wimbledon when it comes to menswear. Across the pond, where a dress code is at least understood if not enforced, spectators turn up in three-piece suits and sportcoats. In Flushing Meadows right now, there are a bunch of actors in dad hats and warm-up vests over T-shirts.

Dressing for no dress code is going to get most guys going to their default: whatever's most comfortable. We get that. We're also just not that into this much casual at America's most prestigious tennis tournament. Does Sarsgaard have the arms to pull this shirt off? Yes. Does he also look like a cool farmer you'd want to hang out with? Yeah. But despite those facts, we still think sleeves are a must anywhere that isn't the beach, a garden, or a music festival.

Let's say we could even get on board with the bottom half here (spoiler: we can't), there are plenty of other pieces the actor could have swapped in for that tank top:


1. a white crew neck T-shirt

2. a gray v-neck T-shirt

3. a polo shirt in black, gray, white, blue, or burgundy

4. a short sleeve button-down in white, gray, navy blue, or olive green

5. a vintage black band tee

6. a Kanye West merch tee

7. a band collar dress shirt

8. a striped french mariner shirt

9. a Hawaiian shirt in tonal blues

10. a tie-dye tee

11. a short sleeve henley in any of the above colors

Remember, if Peter Sarsgaard (the incredibly cool and famous actor) shouldn't wear a tank top, then you really shouldn't either.

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