The Nigerian Queen pageant: Winner is Queen Winifred (Abuja)

Queen Winifred, representing Abuja won the beauty pageant and became the current Queen of The Nigerian Queen Pageant 2016.13533102_1131409893548249_4894093585289744316_n

Beauty pageants is becoming trendy worldwide as it is… well, one of the ways a country showcases her beauty and prestige. Here we have Nigeria on the list and right on the stage on the 25th of June was The Nigerian Queen formerly called Queen of Trust. With 36 stunning and elegant women gracefully representing each state of the country, the contestants literally drew their state on their respective faces.

img_0682.jpgThe Nigerian Queen is currently in its 8th edition and held at the Aztech Arcum Stadium, Port Harcourt Nigeria. The Grand finale was reported to be the biggest Night of beauty in the city and was hosted by a multiple award winning actress and producer JULIET IBRAHIM and also featured lots of super star entertainers.

Though there are some unpleasant historical news about the pageant between the queens and the organizers, we necessarily  don’t have to plunge into it as we don’t have the facts. But what the heck, it’s an organization and we’re not interested in scrutinizing anyone… so read on.

Queen Winifred, representing Abuja took the crown of the night and became the current Queen of TNQ.

Congrats to her…