The Made-for-Fall Hat Famous Men Can’t Stop Wearing

What to Wear TodayThe Made-for-Fall Hat Famous Men Can't Stop Wearing

LeBron James isn't the only stylish famous man with a collection of cool hats. And he certainly isn't the only one who looks great in a driving cap. Leonardo DiCaprio is a diehard fan, so is Colin Farrell, Ryan Reynolds, and David Beckham. The geezer popular hat gets a ton of shade, but these guys make a convincing case for its most flattering qualities. It's dressier than a baseball cap, less hipster than a fedora, and most importantly, it's made for rocking on fall days. So, as long as you keep the colors and patterns simple—heather gray, green, tan, or navy—and the shape structured, you've got yourself a handsome new go-to cap. Oh yeah, and they're a powerful defense against the paparazzi. Here are eight we recommend you add to your arsenal:

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