The 7 Pairs of Dress Shoes Hollywood’s Top Stylists Think Every Man Should Own

Ask a StylistThe 7 Pairs of Dress Shoes Hollywood's Top Stylists Think Every Man Should Own

Fall is always a good time to get freaky with your clothes (see: not being drenched in sweat 24/7) but the Marie Kondo minimalist in us wants to argue that it's also the perfect time to clean up your act when it comes to the basics too. Sure, dress shoes aren't quite as fun to acquire as say, a pink satin bomber, but when you go to your first office party post beach season, and you look like a world-class gentleman, you'll be glad you took the high road. To help you form the ultimate dress-shoe checklist—not just for fall, but all of life—we polled a few of our favorite red-carpet stylists on what's absolutely essential. Here's what they had to say.

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