Step Up Your E-Com: END. Edition


What To Buy NowStep Up Your E-Com: END. Edition

GQ Style's intrepid fashion editor Mobolaji Dawodu doesn't buy clothing online. But if he did, here's what he would be copping. This week, he picks his favorite Fall-Winter new arrivals from Newcastle boutique END., one of the most comprehensive menswear shops on either side of the Atlantic, stocking rare sneaker drops, the most covetable high fashion, and everything in-between.

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Visvim Silk Road Sanjuro Coat
This noragi is the epitome of traditional and modern. This is me all day. And you can wear it the rest of your life—that’s what’s beautiful about it. The detailing on the sleeves and hem are also out of this world. $1,205

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Comme des Garçons Homme Garment Dyed Blazer
I like this coat ‘cause I think a lot of times these days when people do camo they go too far, and here the inside detail doesn’t show, which is great. It almost looks like an LL Bean coat, but it lives in both worlds—in the woods and in the city. $1,195

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Thom Browne Varsity Jacket
This is just a beautiful color. And there’s something about the four stripes that does it for me. It’s a classic coat silhouette, and the stripes, a Thom Browne signature, put it over the top. $4,135

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Valentino Military Crew Knit
Speaking of camo, I was in ROTC in high school. And this was the kind of sweater we’d wear under our camo uniform. I wore them after high school too—I’d get them in vintage stores. This is a classic vintage piece done well by a designer. The considered details like the cuff soften the military edge a bit. $745

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Acne Studios Kai Rustic Knit
This sweater makes me want to sit in the woods, go sit by a fire, but with Wi-Fi. This is a Wi-Fi in the woods sweater.

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Nigel Cabourn Striped Rollneck
This is such a simple sweater, but the red stripe is so nice because it’s a faded bright red. It’s such a perfect color, and the stripe is just the right width. $445

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Hender Scheme Manual Industrial Products 10
I love the Jordans these are based off of, the Jordan IVs. But these are the GQ Style version of Jordans. $1,165

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Saint Laurent Wyatt Boot
Clean, clean, clean. Footwear doesn’t get any cleaner than this. And these will age really well. $669

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Diemme Roccia Vet Boot
The texture and color on these boots are so interesting together. A little wild, but the boots still look so premium. These are for hiking in the city for sure. $359

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Larose Paris Moon Wool Baseball Cap
I have a cap just like this. It’s a bit of a sleeper pick—it looks a lot better on. And it’s a good hat to hide in. Anyone trying to avoid the paparazzi, this is your hat. $149

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