Shazam for Fashion – Digital Fashion Shopping takes a new turn

Kim Kardashian West Joins ScreenShop Team as an Early Adopter and Advisor

New app backed by Kim K. wants to be fashion’s Shazam

NEW YORK, NY – November 7, 2017ScreenShopTM, the first mobile app to seamlessly convert any screenshot on your phone into a digital fashion store, announces its worldwide launch today. Leveraging world-class technology, ScreenShop allows consumers to easily shop the looks they love on social media, online, and on the street by simply taking a screenshot on their phone.

ScreenShop boasts patent-pending technology that instantly scans screenshots taken from any app or website on your phone, converting them to similar, shoppable items at a variety of price points. “ScreenShop is our way of helping consumers actualize the fashion inspiration on their social media feeds, providing them with an easy way to immediately shop the styles they see and love,” says Molly Hurwitz, ScreenShop co-creator and co-founder. “I am all too familiar with the constant frustration of seeing styles flood my social media feed and never being able to find similar products that fit my lifestyle. ScreenShop provides the solution.”

“It’s not a secret that I love social media and the notion of being able to shop from my feed is something I could only dream about”, says Kim Kardashian West, who has advised on the app since its early stages. “I’ve been working with the ScreenShop team to help define the concept and shape the user experience for over a year now. I am truly excited to bring it to market.”

In addition to Hurwitz, ScreenShop was co-created by Mark Fishman, Ari Bregin, Meir Hurwitz and leading Israeli technologist, Jonathan Caras.

The ScreenShop app is free to download for IOS in the App Store and to sign up for the Android beta. For more information, please visit:

While celebrities and fashion “influencers” on Instagram can already tag brands and items and even link to where to buy things in posts, Hurwitz didn’t think this fully solved the issue.

“[With Instagram] you’re limited to that specific item that people and brands are tagging, and it doesn’t solve the overall problem,” Hurwitz said.

Hurwitz believes consumers want more options and diverse price points. They also may not want the exact item a user shares, but something similar to it.

“I don’t want to spend $1,800 on a dress, but I do want the inspiration,” she said. “The idea [with ScreenShop] is to be able to take your inspiration from anywhere, from watching a movie or browsing online or a magazine.”

How to use visual search in the Asos app

The visual search tool is currently shown as a camera icon that appears in the Asos app search bar. Here’s how to use it:

  • Make sure your Asos app is up-to-date
  • Tap the camera icon in the search bar
  • Select “Camera” to snap a photo, or “Photo library” to upload a photo from your phone
  • Tap “Use photo”
  • Browse your results

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