SEWAFW2017 – The Fashion Competition


The responses of the audience at the competition day of the St Eve West African Fashion Week 2017 was similar to what you get at a fully packed cinema showing an interesting movie.
The first day of the event tagged “Fashion on the Street” by SEWAFW2017 was characterized by a huge turnout of exhibitors in every sector of the fashion industry. Ranging from Ready-to-wear, to bespoke clothings, shoes, bags, female and male accessories, jewelries, eye frames and glasses. There’s a particular section of the exhibitor field where food aroma varied with every step taken, the section was occupied by food vendors and cafeterias with a little confusion on the what to eat given so many tantalizing options. And then an African exhibition isn’t complete without African art, so we saw creative African arts and crafts in wall frames and fashion pieces.
Hosted by the duo, Kelvin Oki and a female host, it wasn’t really obvious that they were both newbies in the “host business” as they pulled it off pretty well. Then there was this voice without face tagged as “the voice of god, of course with a small g”. The event featured a stand-up comedy, African dance presentations and then the fashion competition which featured eight designers teamed up in a pair so there were four teams.

  • Team Paris – Vyan & Amblac Icon, Team 2 – Kenny G & Myn, Team 3 – House off Sean & Yinkha Clothiers, Team 4 – Village Boy Clothing & Sonia Jerry, Team 5 – Kevwe 9ja & Human

Each of the designers / contestants showcase their pieces on carefully selected models. 2 pieces each round per designer for four rounds. As in any competition, the best is always saved for the last. The audience got wowed at the 2 last showcases of the designers’ collections. The models well lectured to flaunt their styles each did a sequence of dance steps and moves. Especially a certain young model who danced all the way from the back stage into the runway and backstage, in his sophisticated agbada attire. The designers’ lineup was made up of young designers in the fashion industry who aspire to carve a niche for themselves. Though the list was meant for models, designers, photographers and hair stylists, we saw more of designers competition, models feature and makeup by stylists. At the press briefing on the pre-event “press brunch”, the organizer Mrs. Okere stressed the fact that “as an upcoming fashion designer, there are things you must do to be the desired upper level in fashion”.
Highlights of the event were the presentations by African performing artists and groups who in their unique ways displayed creativity, elegance, splendor, classiest, sophistication and grandeur. Voting for the top 3 bests audience-based. Everyone wrote down their preferred team and designer’s name who should win the competition. In addition to this, judges who know their opinions in the fashion industry would be giving an impartial and objective decision on the overall best. The names of winners will be pronounced at the gala night on the 3rd day which marks the grand finale of the St Eve West African Fashion Week 2017.

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