Runway got lit at Gucci’s Cruise 2019

Looking for another unconventional runway setting, Gucci staged its latest show at the Promenade Des Alyscamps in Arles—a Roman necropolis in the southern French city of Arles that was lit up by candelabras and actual fire lining the runway. For the collection, creative director Alessandro Michele was “fascinated by the idea of death,” and really who isn’t in the Year of Our Lord 2018?

Clouds of smoke and rows of church candles bathed the open-air space in a Gothic ambience, enhanced by the haunting soundtrack of Claudio Monteverdi’s “Vespers for the Blessed Virgin.”

The eerily haunted runway setting served as the perfect backdrop for a collection filled with an abundance of cross necklaces and Victorian dresses. For the finale, a Gucci bride donning a white, high-collared Victorian gown and gothic cross walked dangerously close to the fire-lined runway whilst carrying a bouquet of pink peonies.

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