Roksanda Illincic Now Constructing A Worldwide Fashion Brand That Gains Michelle Obama’s Interest.

Roksanada Illincic shared light on the ongoing development of her business, as a designer, and her chance of dressing Michelle Obama, while talking to Rosaleen McMeel, IMAGE Magazine Editor. 

Roksanda Illincic recently visited Brown Thomas, In Dublin having to positively respond to whole heap of critical questions about her fashion line from the fundamental stage till the mean stage and  to the recent stage and her achievements.

She was asked about the best work she has ever executed,: What has been your greatest business success to date?
“Managing to open the store on Mount Street, which is one of the most luxurious destinations in London alongside great neighbors like Balenciaga, Céline, and Oscar de la Renta, etc. That was four years ago, I was quite a small brand and to be able to make that huge leap and jump and to position my brand alongside those that were much more established was definitely one of my milestones. Another success apart from building the business is seeing all the variety of incredible women wearing my designs, I’m one of those women who really takes pleasure in seeing women enjoying my designs because they are there to be worn and to be enjoyed and when I say this I don’t just mean celebrities, but also other inspirational women that I am privileged to know them. That definitely feels like a measure of success.”

She was asked about her business having more to do with women looks in terms of physic and attributes, enquiring if she always have women in mind while or before designing, nor if there’s a made down plan accordingly about what particularly she designs: Do you design with them in mind?
“Not necessarily, I think that I’m probably talking to many women. There are definitely business women – that independent woman who is dressing for herself and also you know is free to go and buy what she wants and as many times as she wants, but I would say that my customer is kind of more versatile. I have people that are connected with art, quite a strong community of them buying my dresses and then I have younger people who would navigate towards the lighter or more fashion forward pieces so I think that it’s a good mix.”

She was also questioned about one unusual aspect of her brand which has to do with the name being her own personal name, and she states how insidious the brand is concerning her personality,

Do you ever regret having your own name as the brand?

“No, not at all. I think that this brand is such an integral part of me, who I am, what I believe in and I often think that I communicate to my clients through my clothing and many of whom I don’t get to meet, but I still felt like we have some sort of connection, so no I think it’s just appropriate to have my name”

She also answered a question about the long living of her brand if she worries about the longevity, which she says she’s not for now thinking about as long as the brand is constantly doing good :Does it worry you in terms of the brand outliving you?
“I’m not thinking about it right now. I mean I would be happy if the label stays and it lives much longer and it’s doing the same – with the same DNA and same principles, sheltering women and helping them than I would be happy.”

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She was also asked if the colors she outputs her brand contents with is purposely selected or chosen decisively since color is one the huge aspect of her brand :Colour seems to be such a big part of your DNA, was this a conscious decision from the start?
“Yes, it was a very conscious decision and I think that’s something that made me different to everyone else. It made me unique and stand out and get noticed. It’s quite hard, I must say, because when you’re using colours each season you’re trying to say certain things with them and it’s challenging to constantly reinvent it. But it’s definitely part of the design process that I enjoy the most, selecting the colours.”

She also talked about less off similarities in her brand collections when she was asked how her styles has broken away from sameness or identity or duplication,

: How has your style changed over the 

“My DNA and approach to design is more or less the same, but I think what has changed a lot is the offering. I started with only twelve dresses and they were all occasion wear and now many years on of course, I’m offering so much more. I like to think I have something for the majority of moments in a women’s life seven days a week. There’s separates, trousers, outerwear, tailoring, cocktail dresses, day dresses, evening dresses there is so much including the bags, jewellery, even the childrenswear.”

She was asked if she has any personal word that encourages or keeps her going like a motto which “Believe In Your Self” happens to be her response, Do you have any personal or professional motto?:
“Believe in yourself. I’m always my own harshest critic but it’s a kind of self determination to believe in yourself. You will come across many obstacles and it’s important that you’re not discouraged by them, and have a strong vision you follow regardless of the issues you’re having. That would be my advice to anybody who’s starting out, not just in fashion, but any brand – believe in yourself and have conviction.”

She also said a bit about most challenges designers encounter in world of fashion today explains her saying the little advantage they derive must be well utilized no matter how minute the space seems, well usages of social media and  and other promotional digitals for they are the masters of their products and outputs: do you think is the most challenging thing about working in the fashion industry today?
“Designers have to do so many things in such a short space of time. We are expected to design, run the business, be on top of the social media and be the ambassadors of our brand. I personally find time to be my biggest luxury because everything is possible and everything is achievable, but that lack of time, due partly to the digital age and the pace at which information is communicated to all parts of the world means customers want to buy things as they see them, which ultimately quickens the pace designers must work.”

Expressing her excitement about people up turn, towards her brand, makes her a jubilant most times especially her chance of having high profiled personalities having stake in her business: Your clothes have had many red carpet moments, do any stand out particularly?
“It’s always such a joy to see people like Cate Blancett and Penelope Cruise feeling so confident, happy and self-assured in my dresses. Michelle Obama wore my designs also. I actually had the pleasure of meeting her; she was hosting a special reception in the white house to which I was invited. That was such a highlight of my year.”

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Roksanda Illincic is available from Brown Thomas