Public accused Fashion Nova for ‘Photoshopping’ a model’s crotch in shot of skimpy lace bodysuit

Here’s a series of photos by a model wearing a Lace Baby Pant Set posted by an online retailer, Fashion Nova on social media platform. The public as well as Fans have slammed Fashion Nova for poor ‘photoshop’ skills over the post of the model in a very revealing bodysuit.

The online retailer posted a photo of its Lace Lace Baby Pant Set on social media, but shoppers have hit out at the unrealistic styling.

People questions if it’s possible to wear something that skimpy

The £35.73 outfit comes with a long sleeved lacy bodysuit and matching flared trousers.

But the image of the model wearing the extremely high-waisted bodysuit has come under fire.

Numerous people have criticised the very thin crotch design, and claim it’s an example of bad editing.

The post has racked up more than 60,000 likes and hundreds of comments since being uploaded to Instagram.

And shoppers have requested that the photoshop editors to be fired
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