Personality Focus: Vanessa Akaolisa

Vanessa Akaolisa is one of the few promising Nigerian with a selfless passion for the #girlchild.

vanessaVanessa, a 19 years old Madrid born is currently running her 300 level in Political Science at the University of Abuja. She is a young entrepreneur as a makeup artist and a beauty therapist. She is also running a community service which reaches out to the less privileged, especially the girl child.

She runs campaign for the #girlchild empowerment and self development, this campaign is geared at looking to bring confidence and self-sustainability to the child even from the early age.

Similar to the acorn that holds the latent potential of the oak tree within, each child holds his or her greatness. It is “believing in” this greatness, nurturing it and empowering your child to become his or best self that marks this new age of positive parenting. Gone are the days where parents solely want their kids to get “good jobs” but now we want them to have rewarding lives! It is a shift of epic proportions.

Vanessa has a modeling career, as well as short screen plays, singing and dancing as a profession.