Nigeria’s Moe Sasegbon featured in Hollywood’s “Wonder Woman”

Hollywood Blockbuster movie features Moe Sasegbon (a 25 year old graduate of physiotherapy) at the first act of the movie as one of the Amazons called to battle the uninvited German soldiers.
Moe Sasegbon is a Nigerian heptathlete born on September 16, 1991. She studied physiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom. Sasegbon got involved with sports at the age of 9 and was discovered by her Physical Education teacher at the age of 14. The British Nigerian made her first competitive debut for Nigeria at the 11th All African Games at Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo in 2015

In an interview with Muscle Food, Moe explained that her most memorable moment was winning the senior girls high jump competition at the English Schools championships. Moe says her mom, a self-taught swimmer, who used to be a swimmer for Nigeria and ultimately trained herself to become one of the best swimmers in the country is her hero.

Her role in Wonder Woman was slightly insignificant, but she is set to have a more prominent role in the upcoming “Justice League” movie. Her favorite food is sweet and salty popcorn.

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My training programme differs every 6 weeks, it currently looks like this

  • Monday – Shot put or long jump, grass running, gym
  • Tuesday – Circuits and conditioning, javelin
  • Wednesday – Shot put, track session/accelerations, med ball session, gym
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – High Jump, hurdles, bike or grass runs, gym
  • Saturday – Hills or track session
  • Sunday – Rest