Nicki Minaj Decided To Bewray Her Left Side Boob At Prestigious Paris Fashion Week

Nicki Minaj is popularly recognised as that phenomenon that often makes news explicitly by her looks, words in her music, revealing her body parts and such. She fancy to reveal what any other person will want to hide when it comes to outfits. She’s a carefree person obviously and   since the emergence of her success in the pop music industry, Nicki has been fund of being a channel that she wants people to focus on when it comes to her outfits, fashion life or dresses to be precise, which no one could assume if she does it for purposes or not.
The female rapper and singer was seen at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week show putting on  a dress that leaves a space for her left boob to be exposed which everybody sees  hanging  betrayed by  the controversial  rapper but politely look off it during the showcase of Haider Ackerman’s new season collection, though it was a shock on some of the attendees but  they all simultaneously shrugged it off.
According to Nicki Minaj’s stylist  ” Nicki is never afraid of trying new things which is always more interesting for a stylist, as it is what fashion is all about” she said.
Trinidad born Hip hop star, Nicki Minaj decided to willingly leave her left breast exposed covering the nipple with a type of gaffa plaster as she prevail to sit in the middle of Caroline De Maigret and Lou Doillon who are both coveredly and decently dressed which makes it seem as if she want speculations to start popping  but unfortunately people didn’t really find her for what could arise matters as they all look away politely.