News: Former President Barrack Obama now has a home course in Virginia

Former President Barack Obama has selected a post-presidency home course, amd Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Virginia emerges as the pick.

CNN Report

Apparently, the 44th president of the United States of America joined the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainsville, Virginia which is about 45-minute drive from Washington, as reported by two dinstinctive current members of the club.

Obama’s selection of a private course comes after months of speculation as to where he would task his game, since he could no  longer participate in his local favorite at Andrews Air Force Base.
Golf has a history of luxury, which is a close match for presidency. Golf and Presidency history dates as far back as a hundred years in prominence as a national passion within the United States.
On a lighter note, record has it that Former President Bill Clinton after his presidency joined Trump National in New York. It’s uncertain if George W. Bush joined a club, but he sure was a regular at Brook Hollow Golf Club and Las Colinas Country Club.
The Robert Trent Jones Golf Club incidentally just got ranked as No 2 among courses in Virginia by Golf Digest.