Model with Purpose: Flaviana Matata donates 500 Life Vests to The Marine

1996 has been and still the worst memory year in the history of Tanzania. Sixteen years ago, the MV Bukoba sank in Lake Victoria and over 800 people died. It was a national tragedy but most importantly it was personal for me because I lost some  friends that were dear to me and friends relatives. In this tragedy, the International Model and former Miss Universe Tanzania, Flaviana Matata , lost her mother when she was at a very young age. Though devastated as any child would be, Flaviana never looked back, she dedicated herself for the remembrance of her mother through different activities. On Monday 21st of May 2012, the sixteen year anniversary of the tragegy, Flaviana,  through her foundation the Flaviana Matata Foundation (FMF)  donated 500 life jackets to the Lake Victoria Zone Marine Services Co Ltd in memory of her mother and everyone who died in the tragedy.

Flaviana, thank you for your generosity. On behalf of Fashion Network Africa Blog and Our beloved readers, We say you are a true inspiration for others to follow. Your mother may not be with us but her gift of you is a blessing to humankind. May her soul rest in peace.

Src: FashionJunkii

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