Look Gooding Guys – might soon start trending in Nigeria

Introducing… “Look Gooding Guys” – the SBA Rejects 😂 | WATCH 

Nigerians have been noted to cheer themselves up in the face of unpleasant political circumstances or any inbalances. With several talented citizens of the country always getting their inspirations from everything and anything, a new one have just been released.

EmmaOhMaGod have just pulled one up recently from a Nollywood actress who seems to have made a grammatical error, or probably delibrate. Well, its called “look gooding guys”, and several skits have spawned up from this including the new “Look Gooding Guys Association”? This is believed to be the second option for the  unfine guys rejected by Falz’ Sweet Boys Association?

And as expected, a Single has just been dropped for it… watch below.