Little League Dad Tells Kid He Loves Him During Nationally Televised Game

SportsLittle League Dad Tells Kid He Loves Him During Nationally Televised Game

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There's nothing I like more than when ESPN shows little league. It's a welcome break from talks of contract negotiations and off-the-field criminal activity. The only downside? Sports dads. Nothing is quite as terrifying as a sports dad going off in the crowd or on the sidelines. With every scream it's as though years of frustrations with his job or his marriage get channeled directly into whether or not his son can hit a changeup. It can be next level depressing.

But every once in a while something special happens and reminds you that not all sports dads went to the R. Lee Ermey school of parenting. This is one of those moments. During a consolation game, Bend, Oregon's Isaiah Jensen was pitching a great game against a team from Italy when his dad, who also happens to be the coach, made a mound visit.

"Hey, I just came out to tell you how much I love you, as a dad and a
player. Okay? You’re doing awesome out here. One more hitter and then
I'm going to Jooj. This is your last hitter. Okay? Understand? Come
right after him. Hey, cheer up, have some fun, come right after him.
Okay? Let’s go."

Imagine a world full of sports dads like this? Little league umpires would feel so much safer.

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