Leonardo DiCaprio Is Still Living His Best Summer

CelebrityLeonardo DiCaprio Is Still Living His Best Summer


It may be September in the city, but the star is dressed for July on his yacht.

Leonardo DiCaprio just completed another epic (at this point a major part of his brand) summer full of models, yachts, CitiBikes, and fun running around the world with his posse. Apparently though, the Oscar-winning actor is showing zero signs of saying so long to warm weather adventures. He knows it's September just like you and me, but DiCaprio lives on his own calendar/watch/time. Yesterday, in New York City, the actor was spotted in his go-to uniform: shorts, T-shirt, backwards baseball cap, and leisure shoes. It may be fashion week in New York, but for DiCaprio it's just another day of casual living with zero effs given.

Which is not to say you can't learn something from DiCaprio's latest/greatest fit: His jewelry is on point. His simple pendant necklace and very summer-appropriate bracelet are ideal matches with such a casual outfit (that said, they'd be great with dressier fits too). Also, the mix of colors he's rocking is aces. Navy blue and gray are a winning combination in any season. We'd say he should check his fit on both the shorts and his tee, but perhaps we need not mess with the power of Leo. The dude knows how to wear a suit when the occasion calls for it, so it seems he just prefers a baggy pair of shorts. (One thing we'd like to see him ditch, however, is walking around with those overloaded pockets. This classic mistake creates an unstylish bulge no man can pull off.) All in all we love the actor's commitment to summer comfort. But we probably wouldn't love it on anyone else—meaning you.

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