Kibonem Nfi creative director of Kibonem New York is a stunning beauty from Cameroon. She just presented her vibrant collection at Africa Fashion Week New York and from there she will be heading for London to present yet again,her new collection.Speaking with Kibonem this morning in New York by phone ,she told Fahion Net Work Africa that Africa now has a voice in the world of fashion.
In 2010 ,at the prestigious Nigeria’s Next Super Model, Kibonem presented a collection from the duo of Kirette now defunct and both ladies doing their individual thing.I salute this great young lady who is most definitely puting Africa on the world map.We will furnish you with the pictures from Africa fashion week new york as soon as we get them. It definitely time for Africa.
We at FNA will see Kibonem in London in a few weeks.
Joan Okorodudu for FNA.

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