Kevin Durant and Team USA Are REALLY into Beach Volleyball Now

SportsKevin Durant and Team USA Are Really into Beach Volleyball Now


*watches volleyball once*

Every four years, we get to watch the greatest athletes the world has ever seen compete at the highest level. And delightfully, they get to watch each other do it too. It leads to wonderful moments like watching NBA stars turn up to support Michael Phelps and the other US swimmers:

Or turn up to watch some beach volleyball:

This is some fun stuff. But not nearly as fun as when NBA stars decide to try their hand at other sports. And after their excursion to check out the actual volleyball players—most notably fanboying hard for Kerri Walsh-Jennings an April Ross—Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and others decided to try their hands at it.

The results? Surprisingly not terrible.

Or maybe they are terrible. I don't know. I'm no volleyball expert. But they look like they're having fun.

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