Jennifer Lopez teams up with Giuseppe Zanotti to produce GIUSEPPE for JENNIFER LOPEZ Footwears Collection

American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author, and producer, Jennifer Lopez has also now slipped into the Shoes Industry having shoes designed in collaboration with the Italian luxury shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti. The both are joining creative forces in an exclusive, new capsule footwear and accessories collection called Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez (#GiuseppexJennifer)

Jennifer Lopez is here with collections of foot wears, she is set to lunch them as her number two collections which consist of new four styles , she revealed to the Footwear News.

The line will be shown at Footwear Fashion Association of New York from August 2nd – 4th and launch at retail in January at Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Giuseppe Zanotti stores, as well as select retailers worldwide.

While the shoes are set to debut in early 2017 — and for spring from the looks of the samples — Zanotti hedges at giving exact details and projections. “It’s passion, not rushed. It’s not a business. We don’t have targets. We have the idea to build a good relationship. She is a lovely friend.”

Jennifer Lopez with her projects and performances is one of the things that excites her most which painted that she loves what she does and that she decided to name the new each of  footwear collections after the character name she has beard in her various movie projects.

She Says: “The fall ’17 capsule embodies the same unique style but developed further. All the important projects in my life are deeply intertwined. For spring, each style was named after people who have a special place in my heart. For fall, I wanted to pay homage to some of my favorite roles from my performances in television and film.”

The shoes name are, “Marisa” (a lace-up, over-the-knee boot) in honor of her character Marisa Ventura in Maid in Manhattan, “Harlee” (an evening sandal) celebrating her Shades of Blue character Harlee Santos and “Gertie” (a studded bootie) after her character in Jersey Girl, who dies during child birth and leaves behind a daughter also named Gertie.

This Jenni’s execution makes her the second to work with the shoe designer “Zannoti” and she expressed that her events and activities during the making of the collections is far more beyond just being a designer.

“Designing shoes requires a lot of discipline. You have to obsess over every single detail to make the perfect shoe. I enjoyed working with Giuseppe, who has a natural talent and a breadth of experience in fashion.”

Zanotti has created his share of custom shoes for designers and celebrities including Selena Gomez, Janet Jackson and Kim Kardashian, but this marks the largest range and most involved partnership to date, and Lopez is his most multifaceted collaborator.

Lopez says, “Giuseppe is a designer I’m very loyal to because of his beautiful silhouettes and craftsmanship. It’s impossible not to feel like a more confident, sexier version of yourself when you’re wearing a pair of Zanottis. The shoes are so in line with my personal style, it felt easy and natural.”Zanotti describes working with Lopez as such: “It’s the first time I’ve done a real collection for a celebrity. I used to do in the past one shoe, two shoes. In this case it’s not enough to describe her. She likes to dance, she likes to sing, to walk and go shopping, and she has kids. She’s a beautiful and normal woman. I need to create something not only for red carpet or couture but something for reality. We have probably 18 styles at the moment. It’s a small universe.”

However Lopez added that she is contented about what she and Zannoti has produced saying “I was happy with the outcome of the line, and it was a rewarding experience for me to see such a positive reaction to the shoes.”