Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Company Relieved From “Trump’s” China Tariffs

After Trump emerged tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese products that has affected up to hundreds of goods that were manufactured from china, some specific goods were calmly settled apart, out of the legal provisions that’s in the bill that was recently passed by President Trump himself, and the excused good includes the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump’s goods that were international manufactured Fashion Brands spectatedly from china.

Confirmations have it revealed that most Ivanka’s company builds up its goods primarily in foreign countries which is absolutely not being in accordance with her Dad’s formal saying to “American and hire American”

At around 2017 Ivanka’s productions were carried out in China and Hong Kong based factories as others there were also produced in Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea, which is properly supposed to go against the legal bill that was recently passed by the American President, Donald Trump who happens to be her father, but the goods remains unharmed by these tariffs as the fashion line proceeds and prevails to keep working with the Asian entity as it keeps ordering contracts for Chinese shoe suppliers, such as Chengdu Kameido Shoes and Hangzhou HS Fashion.

Chris Rogers, research director of a global shipping data platform called Panjiva, made it clear that the movements of Ivanka’s products seems to have been paused since the beginning of march, adding the company’s suppliers possibly may have been replaced as they continue to ship from china under a different code name, Roger made that clear “Before January 2017 all the imports came from China, including Hong Kong. Since then there have been shipments from Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam. If we see an increase in shipments from the latter in the coming months, we will be able to say there has been a shift in the supply chain, rather than simply a change in reporting techniques,” he  said.