Iowa Kids Fashion Week to debut Summer 2019

Des Moines, IA – Iowa Kids Fashion Week in partnership with JMK Production LLC launches the first of its kind event in the State of Iowa. The event is set to bring major exposure to Children Fashion Industry in the Hawkeye state.  Iowa Kids Fashion Week  offers a global platform for children, kids-wear designers, buyers and companies. It will provide an opportunity to boost kids-fashion communication, to spread the universal value/trends in the kids clothing  industry, and to introduce more fashion designers into the kids-wear sector. The global market size of kids clothing is drastically increasing. Kids Fashion Industry is one that has taken a back seat to women’s wear and men’s wear. The time has come for kids-fashion to to be put on the main stage.

Iowa Kids Fashion Week LLC a registered Iowa Business entity sees the potentials of intellectual and material resources in the kids fashion industry and looks for the probability for more in-depth global interactions in cultural and arts, in the upcoming event of IKFW.

IKFW will be a family-friendly fashion event for fashion lovers. It gathers children from Iowa and  around the USA. IKFW encourages kid models to walk on the runway, to show their confidence, to express their fashion styles and to present their cultural identities.

Compare to most fast fashion brands, Kids-wear brands tend to care more about the quality, safety, and sustainability when making garments. IKFW wants to educate kids about an environmentally-friendly fashion trend, to foster a free, organic and natural lifestyle. The added value in Kidswear fashion would inspire innovations in fashion designs and attract skillful fashion designers into the industry, bringing the prosperity and creating sustainable development.

IKFW looks to giving back to the community through it’s charitable efforts. We will research various non profit organization whose mission supports kids and donate a portion of our proceeds to their cost. Our 2019 focus is children with Cancer #KnockoutCancer

IKFW dive into adventure, we do it for the kids. We are looking forward to your participation.

Contact us at [email protected] for further details