Jessica Hart talks on her new Cosmetics Brand – Luma

  • Q: When did you first decide that you were going to move into cosmetics?
    • Jess: During my years in my industry I’ve got to play and see what make up can do, I’ve grown a love for it and a huge respect for the art .. About 4 years ago I realised this and with everyone always asking me what I’m wearing I decided to create my own line.
  • Q: What has inspired the Luma range?
    • Jess: As a model I have spent a lot of time in a makeup chair over the years so I’ve grown to learn a lot about what works for me and what doesn’t. I’m often asked what cosmetics products I use and how I use them. My beauty philosophy is very much less is more so I wanted to create a makeup line that enhances a woman’s natural beauty and hope that women can learn to use key make up products in a natural looking way.
  • Q: What are 3 of your favourite products from this range?

    Luma by Jess Hart

  • Q: How do you stay balanced with such a busy lifestyle and developing your new cosmetics brand?
    • Jess: I don’t ? haha. Sometimes I ask myself the same questions. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication but when you love what you do it makes it a little easier.
  • Q: What does the Luma brand mean to you?
    • Jess: Confidence & enhancing your own natural beauty.
  • Q: The most exotic place you have travelled to is?
    • Jess: Madagascar! What a place!
  • Q: A special place to you in Australia is?
    • Jess: Home with my mum.
  • Q: What is your morning ritual?
    • Jess: No rituals – but recently I started using Nip Fab’s deep cleansing fix pads in the morning.
  • Q: Where do you spend most of your time when abroad?
    • Jess: NYC, I’m going on 9 years here now.
Jess applying Luma lipstick

Jess applying Luma lipstick


Interview by: Steph Adams