The Internet reverberates over Melania Trump’s Dressing to Africa

Okay so we have the First Lady, Melania Trump visit Africa and the internet shook…not over what she did but over what she wore, hmph!!!

Several bloggers and news websites got different perspectives, and they sure shared it out loud.

But one thing that could be drawn out of all these, she rocked Micheal Jackson’s Smooth Criminal look.

The Root Magazine have a rather stern view of this visual appearance of the US First Lady in Africa, starting with…

First lady Melania Trump never wanted to be here. She thought that she was marrying an old man with one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel, who not only keeps eating family-sized buckets of KFC original recipe but seems to be getting stronger.

But this is the life she chose and she’s not helpless. She’s complicit. For some reason, the heiress to the Temple of Doom decided that in the middle of everything else going on, she was going to bounce to Africa and dress like an extra in an Indiana Jones movie.




“I wish people would focus on what I do, not what I wear,” First Lady Melania Trump lamented on the final day of her solo four-country trip to Africa, which took her last week to Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt. She was reacting to criticism of the pith helmet she had worn earlier in Kenya.

Melania’s appearance wasn’t just clothing, but costume. And costume always attracts attention, invites interpretation, and sends its own message.

Princess Diana in front of the pyramids in Giza in 1992; Melania Trump in the same place last week. – Getty Images

Short analytics of the costume…

  • Pith helmet, a hat with history of colonial oppression in Africa and Asia.
  • Clothing, she was inexplicably channeling 1930s, gangster-era Chicago

Town and Country Magazine have a detailed expression on her complete appearances for the trip.

Melania Trump wears a suede trenchoat by Vince and leopard print Manolo Blahnik stilettos. – Getty Images: SAUL LOEB


First Lady Melania Trump meets with Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II, chieftan of the regional Fante tribe at the Emintsimadze palace in Cape Coast, Ghana on October 3, 2018 – Getty Images: SAUL LOEB


First Lady Melania Trump visits Chipala Primary School in Malawi on October 4. – Getty Images: SAUL LOEB

Melania Trump at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi on October 6, boarding a plane to Cairo, Egypt. – Getty Images: SAUL LOEB

Trump walks with Park Manager Nelly Palmeris as they view an ivory burning site at the Nairobi National Park on October 5. – Getty Images: SAUL LOEB