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A continent consisting of 54 countries, Africa is the world’s second largest and second most populated continent. This means that despite it’s large repository of wealth deposited in vast amounts of mineral reserves and size, this continent constantly faces lots of challenges that impede growth. From a lack of infrastructure to politically motivated challenges that have stalled development in various ways. Regardless of these challenges, the continent has taken giant strides in the right direction and this has seen the rise of a middle class that cannot be compared to anywhere else in the world. This growth has been further fueled by mobile technology with IT devices which mostly consists of mobile phones in recent times contributing 7% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to the African

Brand Envoy Digital Africa Limited is one of the companies championing this growth for Africa. A business set up in March 2013 by a Nigerian Entrepreneur Mr Obike Temple has grown steadily into a business to watch in recent times with Offices in Nigeria, Nairobi and Ghana. Brand Envoy, a data-focused sales and marketing company has helped numerous brands drive execution and powerful campaigns on mobile phones, leveraging video, native and display to reach the most valuable user segment for every service and brand. It also allows advertisers reach over 50 million customers and gives everyday Africans with feature and smart phones the opportunity to win freebies, discounts and revenue for simply interacting with brand video adverts from top advertisers on displayed on their phones. BE is championing a visual and zero-intrusion appeal to advertising across Nigeria and Africa while also combating the scourge of unemployment that has been steadily hitting Africa.

affiliateIn an interview with the founder of the BE initiative Temple Obike, we discovered a business model that had the well-being of a continent as is major motivating factor. The BE “Ref-click 925” initiative was a new product launched by the company to combat unemployment and then poverty in Africa. This initiative called upon all the unemployed who had feature and low-end smart phones to register via the mobile application on the play store, receive a code and then earn at least USD 30 monthly for every business referral made to the company. This model has seen many interested youths and unemployed coming forward to be part of this. This optimistic CEO mentioned that this was something he was quite confident about because at a low-point in his own life, he would have given anything to start up a business that required no actual cash investment and no over-heads except (a mobile phone which everyone had these days and knowing one person with a business).

Their fast growing list of customers and partners which include agencies, fast moving consumer goods manufacturers, discount houses, mobile network operators, sms marketing companies, eateries, churches, banks, content distribution companies, e-Commerce platforms and SME’s point to the fact that there is a lot to expect from this two year plus old company who has dedicated itself to being part of a solution to a continent wide problem.



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