In the Wake of France’s Burkini Ban, Canada Approves Hijabs for Female Officers

NewsIn the Wake of France's Burkini Ban, Canada Approves Hijabs for Female Officers


Trudeau's Canada is a beautiful place.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has announced that they've approved hijabs as part of their iconic uniforms. Three types of hijabs were tested last month before one was selected to be added to the red serge tunic, leather riding boots, and wide-brimmed felt campaign hat.

"This is intended to better reflect the diversity in our communities and encourage more Muslim women to consider the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a career option," said Scott Bardsley, a spokesperson for Public Safety Minister.

The Mounties are now the third police force in Canada to approve hijabs to be worn in uniform, reflecting an overdue acceptance of Muslim women and their decisions to dress according to their faith. It's another logical change to reflect the equality and compassion (and style!) to which Justin Trudeau has expressed commitment.

It's also an interesting change to be announced in a week where France is in the news for opposite reasons: their controversial beach ban on the burkini, a full-body swimsuit used primarily by Muslim women. Twenty six French towns have banned the burkini and police officers are fining those who wear them. Anti-Islamophobia groups are asking for the ban to be overturned, but senior members of the French government are split.

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