How Fashion Brands are Best Promoted By Hip Hop Artists (through the lyics and the videos)

Fashion Brands Are Also Promoted
by Hip-Hop Artists

Over the years hip-hop artists are the highest known personnels who talks about brands
both recent and the old ones most especially
Fashion brands, giving a rough inner sight try
and examine most hiphop singers you will
realise there so no specific one among them
you might point at that talks about fashion,
but looking at it generally they all do talk
about fashion brands in their music.

For instance love songs are greatly respected
all over the world as you will hear most of
these artists lyrics talking about how they wish
to buy thier girlfriend the latest brand designs
of wears .

Fashion itself is like a culture to these artists,
they mostly don’t do without it, These sets of
People called artists tend to be the type who
who await and lurk to haunt any new trend
that deals with fashion,

And this fashion acts that these artists posses
seems to attract the so called fashion brand
brand producers and designers to work with
these artists in promoting their

Converse is a longtime supporter of musical collaboration. The sneaker brand worked with Anomaly on “Three Artists, One Song,” which rolled out original tunes performed by a mashup of artists. The first track back in 2008 was “My Drive Thru,” which brought together the artist then called Santogold, Julian Casablancas and Pharrell Williams. Subsequent years saw a dance track by Hot Chip, Hot City and Bernard Sumner; the gritty “Desire” by Paloma Faith, Blur’s Graham Coxon and Bill Ryder-Jones; and the melodic rap “I’m a Goner” by Matt & Kim, Andrew W.K. and Soulja Boy. More than bringing together famous artists, the brand helps new ones find their way, too. In 2011, it opened the Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based Rubber Tracks Studio, to help the careers of emerging artists. Budding musicians from all genres apply to use the studio for rehearsals, recording and postproduction at no cost. Recent RubberTracks efforts include a tie-up with Guitar Center, which has produced a series of “Geek Out” videos teaching artists how to use different tools to enhance their

“Unstaged” is the name of American Express’ livestream experience of concert performances by major musical acts. The program, which started in 2010, boasts high-quality production, with the brand bringing in notable directorial talents to shoot the shows. AmEx partners with Vevo and YouTube on the events, which air on The results can be intriguing, like in 2013, when Vampire Weekend headlined while Steve Buscemi sat in the director’s chair. This year’s performance also included a “choose your cam” feature that let audiences see the performance from the director’s main camera or the artist’s POV. Previous pairings included: The Killers and Werner Herzog; Kenny Chesney and Jonathan Demme; Duran Duran and David Lynch; and Jack White and Gary Oldman.