Harry Styles, 1st to hit 30 million Twitter followers

Harry Styles becomes the first Celebrity Twitter King, and also topped the charts with his debut solo single.

The UK celebrity, aged 23 years has become the first to gain 30 million followers on the micro-blogging site known as twitter.
With this record breaking, he is more popular on the platform than Nepal whose followership stands at 28.8 million. This achievement followed his knocking down of Ed Sheeran off number one with his single, Sign Of The Times.

Following closely is Styles’ former One Direction bandmates currently standing at 29 million. 3 other most followed celebrities on twitter are Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and  Louis Tomlinson with personal followership rivals Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Considering a top 10 twitter most followed, we can count in Adele, Emma Watson, Sheeran, Simon Cowell and Wayne Rooney.
Snoops has it that Styles dates a food author Tess Ward, but is seen promoting his self-titled albim debut solo album.