Gavin Rajah: With love from Nigeria

Gavin Rajah born in Indiarise in South Africaand base in Jo’burg. Started 14 years ago, Reja whose design has put fashion to epitome glamour inside and out Africa is a designer every fashion journalist and fashion lovers pay attentions to his luxury pieces.
Rajah design is made for ‘ladies who understand luxury and spend lot of money to get it’ Rajah is very meticulous about the finishing and details of his clothes.
Rajah whose dress takes about 90 hours to create pays so much time to his fabric, engineering the kind of detailing and embroidery before consumer get to see them.
“Time is a real luxury for me at the moment. Every hour I have to myself is something I really treasure”!
At the just concluded Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Jo’burg and Arise Magazine Fashion Week Lagos, Rajah showcases his rose embellishment which sequin detailing were all done by hand.
Olabunmi Ademokoya, international model from Nigeriawho was in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Jo’burg strut the runway in Raja outfit with enthrallment and attitude.
Gavin Rajah we been heading to Americafor New York Fashion Week in September this year.

.Olabunmi Ademokoya in Gavin Rajah outfit @ the just concluded MBFW Jo’burg 

.An international model wearing Gavin Rajah outfit  @ the just concluded AMFW, Lagos   

Olabunmi Ademokoya in Gavin Rajah outfit @ MTN DURBAN FASHION WEEK

Truly Bunmi is a diva with ranks!!!  
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