FUN Wine™ signed up as NNSM Official Sponsor

US based drink company FUN Wine™ is entering Nigeria, and becomes a sponsor of Nigeria’s Next Super Model.

There’s no exciting way to have a fun and friend powered drink company launch other than with a fun-powered platform as Nigeria’s Next Super Model. Now in it’s 10th anniversary with a record of 9 success stories, NNSM 2016 is set for another round of fun-filling event which is now being reinforced with the FUN Wine™ company coming on board. nnsm excited girlsREGISTRATION FOR THE NIGERIA’S NEXT SUPER MODEL IS CURRENTLY ONGOING , THE FIRST SCREENING PROCESS WILL BE HOLDING VERY SOON AT SELECTED STATES IN THE COUNTRY WHILE THE MAIN SCREENING WILL HOLD AT LAGOS, NIGERIA.


FUN wine is a new beverage category manufactured from quality grapes in the EU, currently offered in attractive 250 ml slim cans. FUN WINE comes in many flavors, including: Red & White Sangria, Rose & White Moscato, Strawberry & Peach Moscato and The World’s First Coffee-Wine: Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino – with no caffeine.funwine - CopyWarning: Fun wine in a can is not for everyone. Wine connoisseurs, grumpy people and mood killers may not be able to handle Fun wine in a can.
Beer, soda and coffee – move out of the way.
Pregnant ladies and underage drinkers should just wait a little bit longer.
There Used To Be Wine Coolers. Now There Is A Cooler Wine – Fun Wine™.

It’s Not Wine, It’s FUN Wine™
Meant for FUN lovers, it has a friendly taste and is a refreshing drink.
FUN just the way you deserve it:

  • FUN On The Go – in a 250 ml recyclable can- Because we know that you need your fun on-the-go, wherever you go.
  • Affordable FUN – so you can have more FUN for less.
  • Low Alcohol FUN – with only 6% alcohol – so you can keep the FUN going longer.
  • Low Calorie FUN – with 75-94 calories – because you don’t want FUN to add to your weight – just your life.