FUN Wine™ Press Briefing and Wine Tasting – Updated

The Organizers of FUNWine™ Nigeria officially hosted a Press Briefing and Wine Tasting event on the 18th of July, 2016 at Studio 24, 120 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi NIGERIA.

The event had a whole lot of Press and Media Houses in Nigeria present to witness the preparation of the launching of the amazing friends’ wine. In the course of the event, the GMD (General Managing Director) – Chief Engr. Yariv Brosh and Group Chief Designer – Keren had the opportunity to directly address the audience via Skype, analyzing the concept of the new wine in town, a brief history of the company, the plan and about the drink itself.


1. Good Afternoon distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen;
2. My name is Chief Engr. Yariv Brosh and I am the founder and the Group Managing Director.
For our new African initiative, I serve as interim CEO of Intercontinental Wine and Beverages Nigeria Limited.
I am also known in the eastern Nigeria as Aguoha II of Okawu !
3. It is our pleasure to be with you here today.
4. FUNWINE STARTED In the mind of one of the world best food and beverage specialists -Mr Joe Peele.
5. The concept is breaking through!
FUNWINE was Created as an Affordable-Healthy-Tasty-RTD-Flavored Wine packed in a quality Alluminum slim CANS and BOTTLES!
6. There is no Games in our industry!
What you drink is what your body gets-For Good and Bad!
7. A Quality Wine – Red,White or Rose is a must and a major ingredient in FUNWINE.
8. Using a State-of-The-ART beverage technology creates a clear smooth Natural Organic Wine Based Flavored Drink.
9. Funwine contain Vitamins, low Alcohol -Only 6% and low nutrition value compared with the alternatives!
10. FUNWINE has minimum sparkling which makes the drink Easy and FUN.
11. FUNWINE Started in America and currently available in 42 Countries around the Globe.
Nigeria is the First country  in Africa.
South Africa and Kenya will follow the FUN For Ester 2017.
12. Our Products being produced in the Group facilities which are based in Germany and France.
13. We will invite FIVE (5) of you to join us for a FUN TOUR in Europe during September this year.
14. Our initial FUNWINE stock in Nigeria was finished in 2weeks!!!
15. Currently, we have a stock of over One Million Cans in 5 flavors.
Another 3Million Cans are on the way…
16. We are planing to establish a Winery and a filling facility in Nigeria within 2017.
This will reduce FUNWINE retail price dramatically.
17. As someone who did a few things in Nigeria since 2000, I am excited and certain that FUNWINE is a REAL REVOLUTION in the Beverage industry.
18. We are leading a New World Drink Category.
We call Qualified Distributors and Dealers to join the FUN.
Thank you so much for coming today.
You are most welcome to JOIN THE FUN !!!

Chief Designer Statement:

1. Hello Everybody!
My my name is Keren and I am the Group Chief Designer.
2. FUNWINE CREED and DESIGN are completing the Experience of FUNWINE taste and Smell.
3. The Alluminum Slim Cans & Glass Bottles are the finest available in the industry
4. Our Ready-To-Drink, known as RTD, Flavors are one of their kind.
5. It’s not Wine, it’s FUN-WINE.
6. FUNWINE gives relaxed feeling alone, OR bonding people who wish to have FUN all through the day.
7. FUNWINE Design & Colors were carefully chosen to give a Natural-Relaxed-Atmosphere !
8. We didn’t only tried to make a precise design, But We paid a huge attention to the Synergy between FUNWINE taste-Smell -Look & Feel !
9. FUNWINE package open the imagination for what FUNWINE will taste like !
10. And Yet, it Surprise you…
Join the Fun and feel it for yourself !!!
11. Thank You!

Warm Regards, Yariv Brosh

FUNWINE is set to hit the Nigerian Market with a blast. It will soon be available in various stores around the country and on online stores as well.


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