Ed Sheeran Hands Off Twitter : Couldn’t Take Harsh Critics No Further

26 Years Old multiplatinum selling British Acoustic Pop Singer expressed how he finds it hard to comprehend the reason towards his aversion from a lot of people having to always receive clusters of insulting comments.
Ed Sheeran decided to quit twitter making use of the speculation that says “Quit going cyber if it induce distress” After always having to explain the misconceptions most people have about him and most of his performances. “I’ve actually come off Twitter completely. I can’t read it,” he told the Sun.
Ed Sheeran who’s album sold 8million copies in three months as he became the biggest seller worldwide according to him said he has actually come off twitter completely as he couldn’t even try to read the comments he got replied, for they are always words that contains mean things, as one comment could have his day ruined and he’s always been trying to figure out why that has been all what he could have from people.
Ed Sheeran Explained saying most of all the cyber insults come from Ladygaga’s fans for they think Gaga was the one he was talking about in one of the interviews he had attended not knowing to them that she’s not the one he  was referring to.
Ed Sheeran doesn’t mind quitting nineteen million three hundred two thousand seven hundred seventy-six (19,302,776) Twitter followers just to avoid speculation distresses he’s going through, categorized as one huge artist that has quitted Twitter .
Main notion of Ed abandoning twitter was as a result of critics he had over a week ago that says he fakes his life performances by having to pre-settle backups such as his performance at Glastonbury Festival, he clapped back in a major way, speculations grasp the air that Ed did not actually play his guitar and sing live, which alleged him wrong because he uses a looping engine that allows him to play and sing some part of his song then record and get it layered, so it’ll accompany him as he sings instead of using back players and singers , he tried to explain that he make use of an engine called  “loop station” and he also showed it about  sometime ago in 2012 on KissFM102.7, that it’s not a form of miming or backing track.
Well who cares Sheeran! Look on the bright side,  You’ve still got the number one selling album this year!.
Those who cannot get off Twitter will be relieved that Sheeran will still send his Instagram photos to his Twitter account. Just to keep it warm, you know. After all, he has more than 19 million followers to satisfy.