About Dove’s Racist Ad – Which is beautiful, White or Dark Skin?

Dove, the personal care brand owned by Unilever, recently apologized for a deeply racist ad campaign it ran on Facebook which pulled so many raised eyebrows. The ad, showing a black woman becoming white after using the brand’s lotion, was heavily criticized after it was posted on Facebook. On their official Twitter page, Dove apologized for the ad by tweeting: “An image we recently posted on Facebook missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully. We deeply regret the offense it caused”.

Dove apologizes for Racist Facebook Ad

The apology though was not accepted by a lot of people, as the ad was deemed too offensive. Many asked how the ad as racist as it was passed through the brand’s marketing team who are expected to be professionals and have the ability to study the public’s reaction to adverts. If you need some professional marketers for your company, then go to The infruriating part was it wans’t the first time the brand would be depicting the black skin in that manner. A Twitter user posted a photo of an old advert ran by the brand depicting the same message. racismHowever, one might need to consider the fact that the advert was published on purpose. The buzz the advert generated because of the racism nature and the ripple effect makes Dove get more value than what they paid for in the publicity. As reported, this is the second major racist advert published by Dove. I’m certain they’ve been running several adverts and none has the huge burst of publicity like the first racist advert so they dished out the second one and prepared for the expected side effect which will only cost them an apology to the public. They pushed out the advert, people talked about it, they apologized, people talked about it… the main target is “people talked about it”.

White versus Black Skin

Now as regards the concept of the white skin versus black skin, there’s something every female must understand… and male too – as some males are competing with females in skin appearances of which I’m not going to dev into at this time.

In Asia, people believe that girls with lighter color skin are beautiful. If you have dark skin, it means you are ugly. In Asia, it’s good to be white. TV stars are white. Models are white. Everyone is airbrushed until they look like ghosts.

In the Western world, having a nice tan means you have enough money to go on holidays and enjoy the beach and soak up some sun! Earn money and travel!

In Africa, people appreciate more the dark skin. Even if the skin is lightened up, the girl is still regarded as a black girl with a little light skin. But when the skin has been “bleached” to white, then that is another discussion.

So there it is the dichotomy of White skin in Asia versus Tan skin in the West.

In the West – in the good old U.S.A, the girls all spent hours upon hours laying out in the sun in the smallest bikini they had. Nowadays they are a bit more concerned with the damaging effects of sun exposure on the skin so they have shifted to you, guessed it, creams and lotions for darkening their skin. Yeah, there are still those that prefer the Skin Tanning booths but they are becoming less and less popular. In the Western world, having a nice tan means you have enough money to go on holidays and enjoy the beach and soak up some sun! The fact remains, The light skinned girls of the west, in general, all would like to have the darker richer skin tones that the Asians are born with.

In Asia – people with a darker colored skin may be perceived as a laborer whereas a person with lighter skin tones is perceived as someone who is wealthy and can stay indoors without the need to labor in the sun. In conversations with Asian women, I almost always get asked “Do you think my skin is too dark?” or “I wish my skin was whiter”. It seems they are all are forever seeking that magic formula or secret recipe to whiten their skin tone. You hear Asians love the white skin and have lotions and medication to make your skin brighter and whiter. The whiter it is, the more beautiful and healthy looking you are. In the United States, having tanned skin was considered healthy and beautiful.

Fact – White versus Dark Skin

It’s more than just melanin that separates a black person from a white person, and a white person from an Asian.Scientists have discovered structural differences between black, white and Asian skin in terms of its:

  • thickness
  • water content
  • lipids (fat and fat soluble vitamins)

Differences between black skin and white skin

  • The epidermis of black skin contains less glutathione than white skin. (Reduced glutathione may be responsible for skin color. Inhibition of epidermal glutathione system leads to darker skin, and glutathione in the epidermis has been shown to inhibit melanogenesis.)
  • In the epidermis of white skin, hyperpigmentation or tanning is always followed by a drop in glutathione reductase and reduced glutathione.
  • Black skin have larger melanosomes than white skin.
  • Black skin has a higher electrical resistance than white skin, which suggests greater cohesion and thickness.
  • Black skin has more and larger fibroblasts than white skin. The fibroblasts in black skin are also more multi-nucleated. This can lead to more abnormal scarring and keloid formation.
  • Black skin also has larger mast cell granules than white skin, which may also play a part in keloid formation.
  • The stratum corneum of black skin has more layers and stronger cells than in white skin.
  • Black skin and Asian skin have thicker and more compact dermis than white skin. This is also why blacks and Asians have fewer facial wrinkles than whites.
  • Black skin has more casual lipids and more moisture in the stratum corneum than white skin.
  • Black skin sheds its outer layers more (increased desquamation) than white skin
  • Black skin has 50% lower ceramides than white or Hispanic skin. Asians have the highest skin ceramide levels.
  • Black and Indian skin has two times more alkali-insoluble melanin (darker DHI-enriched eumelanin) than white skin, hispanic skin and Chinese skin.
  • Black skin has a lower pH than white skin.

What does this mean?

The structural differences between our skin can determine several things.

  • The effectiveness of topical creams and lotions
  • The safety of chemical peels and skin laser treatments
  • The skin’s healing response to wounds and scarring

So in general view, light skin is considered beautiful and so is dark skin. Whatever your color is, rock it and be proud of it.

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