Donald Glover and the U.S. Olympic Gymnasts Played ‘Hungry Hungry Humans’ with Jimmy Fallon

TVDonald Glover and the U.S. Olympic Gymnasts Played 'Hungry Hungry Humans' with Jimmy Fallon

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And it was… kind of spectacular.

There is a very thin line between fun, goofy late-night talk-show segment and eccentric rich man forcing people to entertain him by participating in ridiculous stunts. I happen to believe Jimmy Fallon is often tip-toeing all over that line on The Tonight Show, but I'm happy to report his latest parlor game was actually quite adorable.

Fallon invited the gold medal-winning Final Five and rapper and comedian Donald Glover to take part in a game of Hungry Hungry Humans, a human version of the insanely popular game Hungry Hungry Hippos, on Tuesday. (If you don't know what Hungry Hungry Hippos is, you haven't lived.) In this super-sized (literally) version of the game, it's the humans who are responsible for bringing the balls back into their goal. (I promise this makes sense if you've ever played the game.)

The results of the competition were not as exciting as the unintentional comedy of seeing Black Thought and Donald Glover—two accomplished artists and genuinely smart dudes—holding on to each other’s legs as they manipulated each other across the playing field in an attempt to score. Glover, who rarely does interviews and when he does is often discussing serious-ass stuff, was legitimately out there acting like a hippo in a competition against a bunch of Olympians.

One of these days, one of these games is going to go too far.

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