Does your Jumpsuit make a statement at dinner parties?

A jumpsuit is an all-in-one outift with a  pant and top in one garment. With roots dating back a few centuries, It was known as a disco outfit in the 70s, and in the 80s it was described as a boiler suit. Gone are the days when a jumpsuit was seen as a trademark fashion apparel meant for the women working in the farms only. Of course, this notion had got a nourishment when the grand depression of 30’s was on a rampage.

Short history of jumpsuits – In the early 1900s, jumpsuits emerged in the U.S. primarily as children’s playwear. The loose-fitting design allowed for maximum mobility for active children, as compared to the restrictive clothing worn in the 19th century Victorian era. Style varied from country to country, as France had jumpsuits called “barboteuse,” which were exclusively for boys who were preschool-age up to 6 and 7 years old. As time passed, jumpsuits became acceptable for young girls, and by the 1950s they were popular leisure and beachwear for women. After the 1950s, they began to decline in popularity for women until their resurgence in the 2000s. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Max Azria, and several others showcased jumpsuits in their Spring 2009 collections. The re-emerging trend was met with initial resistance, as the garments were compared to infant and toddler onesies, but it soon took off and jumpsuits were seen just about everywhere.

  Jumpsuits are not only elegant, they are also very sexy. The suit comes in different styles, from formal to casual… Since there are so many types, with a little research and some fittings, women of all body-types can find the best fit for them in the following categories: Leather, black, jean, beyonce, overall, lace, plus size, evening, tight, dinners.

Accessories, as well as makeup, shoes, and hair, can determine whether an outfit is dressy or casual. For maximum elegance in an evening setting, one should choose a structured, low-cut jumpsuit in a neutral color. Structured clothing is form fitting and tailored to give a particular shape rather than giving a boxy or bulky look. High heels and flashy accessories, balanced with simple makeup and hair creates a stunning overall appearance. For taller women trying to shorten their frame, another shoe option besides heels is a strappy or tooled sandal. In a work environment, neutral-colored jumpsuits with buttons combined with flats and subdued accessories, hair, and makeup is acceptable as business casual wear. Jumpsuits are considered perfect leisure wear. In the summer, a hat and sunglasses tops off an outfit and keeps UV rays at bay.

Are you planning of buying a jumpsuit? Here are a few beneficial tips that you should consider when making the purchase:

Go For A Flattering Neckline: Since jumpsuits run from head to toe, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right one that will flatter both the upper and lower body. One of the easiest ways of ensuring that the outfit flatters your body is by buying one with a flattering neckline. Halter tops are known to be flattering and they support the bust creating an illusion of curves especially if you have a small bust.

Balance The Top And Bottom: To look flattering you should balance the top and bottom. This calls for you to give attention to the waistline. You should place the waistline in a flattering position. If you have a slim waist, you should go for an outfit that cinches at the natural waist. On the other hand if you have a heavy middle you should go for a jumpsuit with a lower waistline around the hips.

Pay Close Attention To The Fabric: The fabric greatly determines the look that you want to create. If you want a casual look you should go for jersey knits, soft cottons, and sportier nylon styles. If you are attending a professional event you should go for a cotton or silk fabric. The cool thing with these fabrics is that they hold their structure thus giving you a professional look.

Consider Your Footwear: High heels are usually the most preferred shoes that you should wear with a jumpsuit. High heels elongate your leg line adding glamour and sophistication. While this is the case, you shouldn’t limit yourself to high heels-you should also try wearing sandals especially if you are wearing a Capri jumpsuit.

PARIS, FRANCE – MARCH 05: Adriana Lima attends the Balmain Aftershow Dinner as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016 on March 5, 2015 in Paris, France. (Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images For Balmain)

The jumpsuit can be a tricky piece of clothing to wear. The art of looking good in a jumpsuit is all about selecting the right style to suit you. If you are tall and slim you will probably be able to wear most styles of jumpsuit. There are a number of different styles that will look better on those who are not tall and slim. A loose style jumpsuit can make you look bigger than you are so opt for a more fitted style if you want to make yourself look slimmer. For those who are top heavy a V neck or button up jumpsuit unbuttoned in a v with a vest top underneath will look great.

If you are an hour glass shape, make sure that you choose a jumpsuit with a belt or that is pulled in at the waist. This will help to show off your defined waist. Some very flattering styles of jumpsuit include halter neck and wrap styles which will also help to balance out wide hips and define your waist. Another great style for balancing out wide hips is a wide legged or boot cut style.

Wear your jumpsuit with high heels to give it a glamorous feel. If you have lovely long legs, you could also opt for a shorts style of playsuit. There are some really great play suits around which are a great easy to wear outfit for summer holidays.

What ever jumpsuit you decide to wear, make sure that it is one that makes you look and feel great.