Dieter Funk – FUNK Royal Eyewear

20130905094717_3762_04cgvo5FUNK is one of the last small individual and independent spectacle labels in the world. Founded back in 1992 by the eponymous label founder and designer Dieter Funk, the path has led from almost intolerable, brutal “haute couture” sunglasses, over the sport market back to Dieter Funk’s home turf, the ophthalmic optics. Since 2004, FUNK has inspired the optical world with handmade, pioneering eyewear and sunglasses, which either keep with the times or are just one step ahead. 20130905104517_3762_b25uxusFUNK Royal Eyewear, inspired by classic models of the past 60 years, are interpreted differently each time, in new FUNKy ways. Meanwhile, 3 collections of eyewear exist under the roof of FUNK eyewear: in addition to the earlier briefly presented collection FUNK Royal, the Sashee Schuster series, whose characteristics can only be described as super-classic, is a very harmonious collection, marked by influences from the golden 20s and the swinging 50s.However, FUNK FOOD goes back to the roots of the company in the 1990s. Colorful, flashy, experimental – designer Dieter Funk has found his playground to try out things less ordinary.  20130905104729_3762_gfu4393